Ever since I was little, I’ve seen my father shake hands and make himself stand out when he arrives in a group. I’ve always wondered what he did differently than other people to have so many contacts. I quickly learned that his success was directly related to his charisma, of course, but also to his great sincerity and spontaneity. I would never boast of having the same qualities as my father, but I will admit that he gave me a taste for networking. I imagine it’s part of my DNA. You see, every person has a story, a dream, an idea, and every person needs another person to help them make progress and improve. I’ve worked in business development for large companies for nearly 20 years. In my daily life, I’m constantly putting people in touch.

I launched my own business, NC2 Connexions, in March 2017. Through this new venture, I get to put people in touch and my passion at the forefront.